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Our innovative business model saves you money.
Electrical Services Engineers is revolutionising work practices in the Building Services Engineering sector.  We provide electrical services engineering expertise when you want it, where you want it for a long as you want it. 

You only pay for what you need.
Our clients receive excellent value for money because they just pay for what they need.  Whether it be an hour inputting Hevacomp data or two weeks writing a bespoke electrical system design we can help... and save you money too.  Relux calculations needed tomorrow!  We can help!  Electrical distribution model not working!  We can fix it quickly and at minimum cost.  Electrical specification needs updating.  No problem.
There is no need to employ costly full time employees.  No pension costs, no holiday pay. No HR issues.  Just high quality, high value solutions.

The ESE solution.
We provide electrical services engineering for companies and organisations who need flexible low cost solutions.
ESE can provide electrical service engineering quickly and easily.  Just contact us to discuss your requirements or book us directly using our online booking facility.



What our customers say

"ESE are extremely professional, courteous and punctual, in all of our business dealings." 
Kevin Lancaster, Lighting Plus, Leicester.

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